• Marion - Ivory Pearl Satin Bridal Robe

Marion - Ivory Pearl Satin Bridal Robe

$25.00 USD

Do you have any special instructions for us? Or are you buying robes of different colors? If so, please fill in here.

Please note: if you want to customise the robe(s), send us an email instead of writing a note here!

If you have chosen ivory as your wedding color, then this is a lovely robe to have for yourself as the bride, as you get ready on your big day! Classy, comfortable, affordable luxury! 

For your bridesmaids we also have other colors for you to choose from! 

  1. Pure White
  2. Ivory Pearl
  3. Silver
  4. Dark Gray
  5. Black
  6. Gold
  7. Champagne
  8. Blush
  9. Peach Pink
  10. Rose Pink
  11. Coral
  12. Fuchsia
  13. Burgundy
  14. Lilac
  15. Plum
  16. Lavender
  17. Royal Blue
  18. Navy Blue
  19. Turquoise
  20. Mint
  21. Seafoam

Our regular length measures 90cm. For a lady of height 160cm, the robe sits a little above the knee.

Material: Slinky satin fabric. 

Comes with removable satin belt of the same color. 

You are welcome to contact us and customise this robe with addition of lace (or any other ideas which you might have) at an extra cost.

We also are able to create this robe with other fabrics (you can purchase your own fabrics and send them to us). Extra charges apply. 

*Buy 5 and get 1 robe free!