• Bundle Deal - Floral Jewelry 3 for $35

Bundle Deal - Floral Jewelry 3 for $35

$35.00 USD

Choose if you like gold or silver.
If you do not want a particular jewelry, simply let us know here.

If you love our floral designs then this is something for you! The first designs by Jewelsalem in 2011 were floral theme, made in limited quantity and clients love them! 

You will be given 3 items at random. The items which might be included in the bundle include necklaces, rings and earrings. If you do not want certain items, simply leave us a note here.

You can choose if you like silver or gold. (Some components might be brass).

And we will design something special and unique just for you! 

We love creating and having to design new jewelry for each client is very invigorating and inspirational for us. It keeps our creative juices flowing and we thank you for giving us this opportunity!