The Jewelsalem Muse


La Dolce Vita.

The lady who wears Jewelsalem is a citizen of the world. She is someone who remembers a time when life was charming and effortlessly recreates that in every aspect of life. She is a modern lady with fabulous taste in music, art, design and fashion. In spring, she flies to Tokyo for the cherry blossoms. In summer, she vacations in Tuscany with friends. In autumn, she strolls the streets of a rainy New York - be it in the arms of a lover or perhaps in the embrace of an elegant pair of Manolo. In winter, she shops by herself in Paris, enjoying quiet moments in Left Bank cafes and inspiring visits to the museums.


She does not flock with the crowd and hanker after fast fading trends but seeks out uniqueness that brings out her individual sense of style. ​She knows a wardrobe is never complete, and an outfit is never perfect, without accessories. From a serendipitous find off the flea market in London to the latest online store she chances upon from the comfort of her home, everything she owns is a statement piece and the envy of others.

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