No journey can begin without love. Here at Delovely, beyond being the pioneer is floral accessories, we are first and foremost advocates of love. 

And it is with love that we wish to join you at each of life's milestone. Our work is not solely about our products. We strive to be a part in your expression of love. Be it as a bride to your bridesmaids, a daughter to your mother, a sister, soulmate, lover or friend to another... in each of these love stories, there is cause for celebration. 


A wedding is a rite of passage for love. This love which will last a lifetime. It is here that we also begin our journey with you. It is love for your girlfriends that you wish to include them as your bridesmaids. And it is here that we be a part in celebrating your friendships. It is not about the most expensive gown, or the largest bouquet. It is not about creating a Pinterest-worthy wedding day. It is about you, and him, surrounded by all those who love you and whom you love. 



We are blessed to have a few close friends whom we met along the way. A BFF from school, a room mate from college, a colleague who began as mere stranger, now your ally at work. They are the ones you brunch with, laughing at old jokes from years ago. They are the ones you call at 4 a.m. when you need a listening ear. They nurse you back to health when your heart was broken with red wine and more red wine. You make pacts about living together in old age should the perfect guy never comes along. They drive you crazy sometimes with their eccentricities. Remember that girl's trip to Paris? You fought, you yelled, you made up, you hugged, you cried, then you laughed at how silly everything had been. You might not have been a family, but you are connected by the heart. Each of these relationships is fuelled by love, respect and admiration. Eventually life may bring you to different places and you do not meet so often. Hold on tight to each other. And each time the gang gathers, pop the champagne, rejoice and have a (dessert) feast!  


For many of us, our sister began as our playmate. Growing up together, she becomes our dearest and closest. A confidante, a best friend. Connected by birth, fellow companion through life, defender of each other's heart. Through thick and thin, good times and bad. We will be adrift in this sea of life without our sisters as anchor. As sisters ourselves, we understand how important it is to honor this special bond. And we urge you not to forget.   


Love and life are intertwined, by celebrating love you celebrate life. To do that, you start by loving yourself. Choose positivity, be kind, let go of the ugly and the anger. See beauty in the big and the trivial. Give thanks, stay true, open your heart to new experiences! Buy fresh flowers for your home. Eat well. Wear cotton instead of polyester. Save up and have a few pieces of quality fine jewelry instead of a large collection of brass that tarnishes your skin. Travel solo once in a while. Invest in flat, comfortable shoes. Say "I love you" more. Call home often. Cherish everything and everyone you love; love them fiercely and boldly. Make each day count, make each day a celebration of love. 



This photo was taken on one of the final days of my grandmother. All her daughters had come home just to be with her. Stories of their lives were shared. Grandmother being so frail, spent most of her time drifting in and out of sleep. There was a moment when she awoke with such clarity that all her daughters gathered to have this picture taken. Amidst the imminent sadness, there was joy and gratitude, serenity and grace.  

No love is greater than the love a mother has for her child, and no love is dearer than the reciprocal of love for one's mother. Whether you are becoming a mother or thinking of your own, we are here to glorify this noble love.   


Delovely began from a seed of love. The love for flowers, the love for beautiful designs. We stand strong because we are rooted in unshakable faith. We work with integrity, which shaped our business ethic and design philosophy.  With a dream of creating beautiful things that would allow our clients to express their love, each order is treated with care and importance from conception of idea to packing up a finished item for dispatch.

We are advocates of love because love is all that matters. Love is what we will remember when everything else fades away. I am grateful you took some time to read about what matters most to us at Delovely. If you are planning a wedding, I hope it reminds you of your priorities. If you have not been keeping in touch with your friends or family, maybe today is the day. And ultimately, I hope it inspires you to love yourself better. I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to share your story of love with us!