Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

We strive to provide delightful service to all clients.


We do beautiful work.

This is a compliment we constantly receive from clients and business partners. And we take pride in our creativity as well as the quality of our work.

We are explorers, dreamers and makers. In a world where "new" is preferred, being "efficient" means taking short cuts and be applauded for it, and in a time when anything is dispensable, we hold on to love: Love for florals, love for a quaint and beautiful past, love for creation and originality. 


Our Values

All our jewelry, clothing and accessories are handmade by skilled and experienced artisans. Our designs are original and one-of-a-kind, and you can always expect good value for money and fair pricing. While you might see similar items being offered by others, we rest confident and comforted in the fact that we are always one step ahead. We are proud of taking the time to experiment and using this process to influence our sense of aesthetics and then our work. After all as designers, this is the most enjoyable part of creation, isn't it? 

Being genuine matters to us. And if you look closely, you can tell apart what is original and what is copied. The details we infuse in each design and our constant drive for improvement shape the unique look of our creation. Just like how you would rather carry a real Chanel handbag than a inferior replica, even though those are selling like hotcakes everywhere! There is never satisfaction for us to just copy another's design or to sacrifice quality for small gains of profit as many do. And we walk in this pride every day, letting it guide us steadily towards our future.


Our Priority

We source unique and premium materials from different parts of the world. Increasingly, we try to produce our materials in-house so that we control the quality, the nuances and colors - these you would not find anywhere else, and it is one of the reasons why our products are so special. We are generous with our design, especially for our floral combs. Our priority is always to create beautiful works, and not save on cost.


Our Progress

We are slowly phasing out jewelry made from cheap metals because we believe in having lesser but better things. We believe like-minded clients such as yourself deserve only the best. We will offer 2 collections of jewelry: For the budget friendly collection we have 18kt gold vermeil and sterling silver pieces. And for clients who do not like the hassle of removing jewelry, preferring to wear them constantly, our 14kt fine gold jewelry is most ideal. 


Our Promise

The beauty of receiving a handmade Delovely piece is how nothing is ever exactly the same yet each item is lovingly crafted and painstakingly upheld to a high standard before we are satisfied with our work. It is also because our products are all made by hand that we expect rare occasions of human errors. We always repair or replace faulty items upon delivery, at no extra cost at all. 

To help us fight copycats with no ethics or self-love in creating their own work, we will match the price of any hair combs with similar design to ours which are sold at a lower price. All you have to do is contact us!


When you buy a Delovely piece, you are buying inspiration and authenticity. You are voting "Yes" to what we dream of and what we imagine we can create. You are supporting our way of working with integrity and love. And we thank you. To know more about what buoys us and drives us, you can read more on our journey here

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