Ladies Who Dress

Hello! You must be the fashion soulmate we have been awaiting. A lady who enjoys the finer things in life - when your schedule allows. You are busy, we know, focusing on building your career. While the week days are filled with hectic commute, endless meetings and rushing to meet deadlines, the weekend belongs to you and those you love. High tea with friends, running errands, date night with your beau. And for those of you with children, weekends are precious, bonus moments of luxury with those little darlings.

For a lady with so much in her life, those who don't know any better would assume you are drowning. No, you are walking with your shoulders pulled back and head up high! What do they know? You are living the life. Enjoying every moment, seizing the day, trying your best in each facet of your life. And it is because of that, we want to dress you.

What we wear is just like a second skin. We want to feel comfortable and confident. So our clothing not only has to look good, but feel good too. A well tailored dress fits like a glove, hence we insist on providing size customisation. It should allow the skin to breathe, hence we use only natural fibres such as cotton and silk. It should not be a mass production from a template as we are all different, so we give you the freedom to choose the style of each piece of clothing: make it longer, make it shorter, make it wider, with sleeves, without collars, we encourage you to dream up a dress that fits your body shape and your lifestyle. And more importantly, we want to welcome you into our inner circle of ladies who dress!