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A total of 7 of these bracelets (5 in mint, bride and the flower girl in dusk gray blue):

Bride: 6.5in chain (wrist is 6in)

Bridesmaid 1: 7.5in chain (wrist is 7in)

Bridesmaid 2: 6.5in chain (wrist is 6in)

Bridesmaid 3: 7.5in chain (wrist is 7 in)

Bridesmaid 4: 7in chain (wrist is 6.5in)

Bridesmaid 5: 7.5in chain (wrist is 7in)

Flower Girl: 3inch chain


Matching necklace that looks like the bracelet, 16 inches total (including the flower attachment).


Sterling Dusk Gray Blue hair comb: