Wedding shoes for brides are often overlooked. However comfortable footwear is very important, especially for the bride (and groom) who would have to stand and move around quite a bit for their big day. 

comfortable beautiful bridal shoes

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While brides are spoilt for choice in terms of design - with so many rhinestone heels, white satin wedges, or chic ballerina flats, comfort is sometimes sacrificed for style. 

best wedding shoes for bride

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Of course, we all dream of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo or Louboutin. Who wouldn't?

But what about a mid-range priced line of footwear which can offer great comfort? Clarks is a great brand to consider for comfortable shoes.

comfortable wedding shoes to dance in

The designs are much simpler but these are definitely shoes one can dance in on the wedding day! There are different technologies for various Clarks' shoes. For instance, shoes with "Cushion Plus" technology are heavenly to walk in.

And Clarks also offer mens footwear, which are classic and chic, often crafted from premium material such as leather and presented in various technologies, with cushioning or are water proof for example. 

classy comfortable men's shoes for wedding

What about brides who love ballerina flats? There are many choices out there too!

comfy ballerina flats for brides

French Soles and Repetto are popular brands with so many designs and colors, you can certainly find a pair of flats to go with your wedding theme.

comfortable bridal flats


These flats make for great bridesmaids shoes as well. And if you are a bride thinking of bridesmaids' gifts, these shoes would be lovely! 

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