Welcome to Delovely Shop, Have a Delovely Life!

We have recently renamed our brand from Jewelsalem to DelovelyShop. The journey to creating beautiful hair combs continues, as we expand to offering fine jewelry of solid gold, as well as setting up a lifestyle shop -  all of which has been a long time dream of mine. While the name Jewelsalem will always remain very special in my heart, we decide to rebrand as we move on to the next stage of our online presence. 

One of the main reason for rebranding is to distant ourselves from some companies who used names similar to ours for certain illegal activities, which we are completely not involved in. As such, we have also changed our official business name to Delovely Shop.


Delovely Shop, as romantic as it sounds, dreams of providing all things lovely and beautiful to our clients who share our aesthetics of florals and colors. While our bespoke bridal combs remain our bestseller, we are happy to extend our love for florals into other product categories. Not just mass produced cheap and low quality items made in factories, but carefully curated pieces for our clients that would enable us to celebrate life and love. 

More of that to come later. For now, we will pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate our new name: Delovely Shop! ;)


xo, Sereine

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