Tulle skirts: The perfect bridesmaids wear

We are excited to announce that we are launching a clothing collection, beginning with tulle skirts!

blush tulle skirt, bridesmaids tulle skirts

Custom made to various lengths, with more than 100 fabrics to choose from! 

We use the softest bridal tulle we can find, and we are really loving all the pinks and blushes. Ever since Carrier Bradshaw wore tulle on SATC, every fashionista wants tulle for her wardrobe. But is it weird to wear tulle besides weddings or to a fashion show? :p

tulle skirts

Increasingly, we have seen tulle being worn with leather jacket or t-shirts, and with the four layers of tulle in our skirt, it seems like a great winter skirt to keep warm in, so we think tulle is here to stay and what better time than to have one customised for yourself than now? We are offering free shipping worldwide, so this is definitely a great bargain!  

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