Autumn always brings about this stillness; a slowness that comes with longer nights and shorter days. The perfect time for Hygge.

Hygge is a feeling or mood that comes from taking pleasure in making simple everyday things extraordinary. Drinking tea while sitting by the window, watching leaves fall from trees, decorating the house with warm candle light, having friends over for a cosy meal... You decide! 

I embrace hygge by bringing out my wool sweaters, and baking more. All the scent of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves elicit memories of Christmas. Walking my pet dog, Butters through the park while taking in the beautiful golden hue around us is a daily highlight. 

Being a lover of jazz music, Spotify is my inspiration buddy, as I create playlists of new and old favourites, while I work away in the studio. 

Some gloomy weekends, when it is too cold to head out, my girlfriends and I would organise candle making sessions, as we attempt to make our own beeswax candles. I love how beeswax is not toxic and at the same time, adds negative ions in the air. Healthy! 

Of course, as the year winds to an end, I am also creating new designs for the holidays. Here is a sneak peak :) 

christmas gift, modern jewelry ideas

I would love to hear from you how you plan to celebrate the art of Hygge! And if you have never heard of this term before, this autumn might be the perfect time to think about how to make the colder months just a bit cosier! 

xo, Sereine

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