Musing Monday

I've decided to start a Musing Monday column to share personal thoughts with fans and clients. I never liked shops or brands without a personal feel and I aspire to foster a bond with interested readers - clients or not. Just as I get to know your preference when we work together to create a wedding comb or a bespoke piece of necklace, I would like to use this blog as a platform to give you a peek into my heart.

It is not the most auspicious first post for this weekly column, but some of you might know, my grandfather has not been in good health the past year. We live in different countries (come to think of it, continents!) and it is difficult to be there for him all the time. I am very close to him. He has many children and grandchildren, but now in his nineties, he only remembers (besides his wife) myself and my father. 

I was supposed to take a course this month but I canceled it last week and made an impulsive decision to hop on the plane and come home to take care of Grandfather, spend time with him, cheer him up and create some last memories which we might forever cherish. 

For the past week alone, he has been in and out of the hospital three times! This has never happened before, and despite my jet lag, I have been devoting all my time with him at the hospital. (Apologies for some of my delayed email replies!). 

It is tough on this frail old man, to be away from home, and having to suffer the pain of having needles in his veins, bad hospital food and boredom. 

Today my sister and I decided to wheel him around the hospital. As we passed by the coffeeshop, he mentioned he misses a good cup of coffee. We offered to give him a treat. Little had we expected such a small gesture to cheer him up tremendously for the rest of the day, where he'd talked happily about this adventure. Despite requiring thickener added to the coffee, he insisted on drinking it himself with a spoon instead of being fed. We watched him carefully and he took his time to enjoy the black coffee. When he was satisfied, he exclaimed how wonderful it was and laughed happily. It warmed our hearts but also made me want to cry. Thank God for iPhone! Because I had everything recorded as video and photos and sent them to my father, who was grateful we could take turns helping him look after Grandfather. 

Life is so short when you come to think of it. It felt like yesterday when I celebrated my first birthday with his, felt like just recently when he brought me home from school, and now, decades have passed by, and my heart sits on tenterhooks. I am not ready to lose my grandfather, but this is not up to me, is it? Just as Dad told me later in the evening, all we can do is to create some wonderful, happy memories for Grandfather in the remaining time he has. 

I believe I will forever remember today. 

Treasure your loved ones, and never hesitate to show them or tell them how much you love them, for the days might be long but the years are short. 


xo, Sereine

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