How to decide on your wedding theme?

I am getting married! And in the blog posts to come, I'd mostly be sharing my own wedding planning journey. Today, we are talking about themes! 

As a designer, I have seen certain trends come and go. Colors are always important to a theme. A while ago, rose gold wedding theme was popular. Before that, mint and seafoam were popular colors.

Turquoise is a timeless color. I often have clients requesting for Tiffany blue or aqua colored accessories. Navy blue is also very much adored by brides. During the fall, Burgundy, Marsala Red, Lavender becomes more popular. 

Then there was Great Gatsby theme, thanks to the movie. There was also the rustic Woodland theme wedding that saw moody wedding photography that took our breaths away. This has slowly developed into Greenery theme weddings where accents of green, white and gold are used along with plants. Other popular themes that seem to withstand the coming and going of trends are vintage theme wedding, beach weddings and garden wedding theme.

So trends come and go, how does one decide on a wedding theme? 

Personally for myself, it comes down to preference and suitability. Preference means what we love as a couple and what I love as bride. My husband to be trusts my taste so I have free reign to plan the theme along with his outfit colors. 

Suitability refers to choosing a theme that will go well with the location we have selected. It means making sure the decorations I want can be bought or rented, and are readily available. It also means checking if the weather on our wedding day be suitable for the theme we have in mind. 



With the location already chosen - in a park, with a water front, backed by a historic manor, which is decorated with much greenery and a little gold accent, I feel I could definitely include the greenery wedding theme ideas into my own wedding. 

I also love the palest blush pink, and I know this shade goes well with green, hence it will also be included. 



I love flowers, and I definitely want a lot of them. Fresh flowers are most preferred but I understand for some decorations, maybe I could go with silk flowers or even mix both up. I am not going to go crazy over different blooms with various colors. I like uniformity and coordinated looks. With the main colors established, I would probably go for pinks, ivory or white, and of course green. 



I was not so keen on balloons but having seen some brilliant balloon decorations that also incorporate flowers, I was sold. Balloons can add a different texture to the overall decoration than just having flowers. As a bonus, we have a friend who is a balloon artist, hence balloons are on the list. 



The event room that we booked is already a beautiful room by itself, with hand painted wall paper, tall windows the overlook into tiny ponds and willow trees, which adds to the entire nature + floral theme that is slowly coming to shape. Hence there is lesser need to amp up the decorations in the room - which as a good news, means saving some money; and as a bad news, it means I do not have to decorate that much (I was looking forward to that!). 

We might have a gifts table, which also double up as a wedding favour station for guests to take something home.

I definitely do not like little useless objects which end up being thrown away, so I'd prefer something that our guests can use or eat. 

To keep to our theme, I am considering giving away floral teas, seed packs for guests to take home and plant or perhaps something they could eat - chocolates or mints. The packaging will have some floral motifs that again matches the overall theme.

I did consider giving away succulents, which are so trendy nowadays. But we have many overseas guests, and they probably can't bring those back home, so due to convenience sake, that idea is a no-go. 

Lastly, I might place or hang quotes related to love and friendship around the room, but I have not thought much about that yet. So this is still in development...



With the theme more or less confirmed, I have begun searching for wedding dresses. I would like lace and tulle, but how the dress should look, I would have to research for more ideas before forming a decision. It wouldn't be too modern or simplistic because I am not like that by nature. I prefer something more romantic yet elegant, and if it can have some link to the floral theme that features so strongly in our wedding, that would be perfect!  

The same goes for accessories. It definitely has to match the dress and the theme of the day. So that has to come only after the dream dress has been found.



For the groom, we are looking at blue or gray suits. The only floral element would come as a boutonnière. All I want from my gorgeous groom is a dapper looking suit with great hair cut. Simple! 


Credit: All images are sourced from Pinterest. 

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