Here are some lovely, timeless bridal jewelry that we have created for our wedding collection! All designs are modern and beautiful, perfect for brides as well as bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother of bride, mother of groom or just for someone you love! 

gold laurel wreath earrings, wedding jewelry

All our earrings are elegant and chic, and you can still wear them after the wedding!

beautiful affordable wedding jewelry

Our best-seller is the laurel wreath earrings, which comes in many colors to suit different wedding themes! Here we have aqua, seafoam mint, navy blue, light pink, clear crystal and turquoise glass stones. 

gold blush pink wedding earrings laurel wreath design

Laurel wreath symbolises victory, glory and achievement. They also have a symbolic meaning for the resurrection of Christ.

navy blue gold wedding earrings laurel wreath jewelry

In nature, the evergreen laurel also symbolises immortality and youth. I like how immortality can be interpreted as eternity, and that is how love is - eternal!

modern chic wedding earrings seafoam mint gold laurel leaf earrings

In Greek mythology, the laurel is also associated with the nymph, Daphne (a bonus for any brides, bridesmaids or recipient of this earrings out there with this name!)

gold laurel leaves earrings, customised wedding jewelry

I personally adore how elegant the laurel wreath looks, and for me, the laurel wreath, which is also connected to peace and protection, comes across as pure and there is a sense of serenity as I gaze at the design. 

customised bridesmaids earrings gold laurel wreath glass stones

As with many of Jewelsalem's jewelry, we welcome customisation! Perhaps instead of laurel wreath, you want twigs or leaves, or simply just a combination of glass stones in the colors you desire, or maybe you fancy a pair of sterling silver (or gold filled) earrings. We are just an email away :)


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