A while back, we designed a whole range of wedding hair combs and jewelry for our client, Kathleen. 

client photo pink wedding vintage theme

We are so happy to see her wedding photos on Wedding Obssession looking so gorgeously beautiful and radiant. 

vintage lace wedding dress

For her bridesmaids, Kathleen ordered different combs for all 7 of them, together with similar earrings that matched the wedding theme.

coral seafoam wedding colors 

seafoam and pink earrings

We love how all the bridesmaids carry different bouquets of flowers, and donned different bridesmaid dresses in various hues of pink and blush and mauve.

blush pink bridesmaids flower bouquets

It all looks so romantic and vintage and a little boho! 

Here is a shot of one of Kathleen's bridesmaids wearing one of Jewelsalem's best-selling statement pink flower hair comb, which is available for sale here!

pink wedding hair comb, blush bridal flower hair pin


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