We are doing a little revamp with the work space and the time has come to choose wallpaper! The thing about wallpaper, I feel, is that it should not overwhelm the room. Less is definitely more in my opinion, and I am going to wallpaper just one wall, while the rest of the space remains white. 

floral wallpaper decor for home

Credit: Clockwise - Laura Ashley, Ellie Cashman, Cath Kidston, Pinterest


Of course, being the owner of Jewelsalem, I am as "flowery" as my designs. This occasion calls for a vintage looking floral wallpaper, and I have been spoilt for choice. 

I find Pinterest a great resource field for seeking out different styles and brands of wallpaper with wonderful photography, which is really inspirational. 

chintz blue floral wallpaper

Such as this chintz blue design, so alluring, that I thought I might try to find it and use it in the walk-in wardrobe.  

Or this quaint floral design for the kitchen!

colorful wallpaper for kitchen, flower wallpaper design

I also found this Scandinavian style paisley wallpaper from Pinterest that makes me want to include the wallpaper for my kitchen!

scandinavian paisley wallpaper for home 

I seem to gravitate towards either dark designs or very pale floral colors, like the picture below, also from Pinterest.

faded floral wallpaper


The first brand of wallpaper that comes to my mind is Laura Ashley. I have always adored Laura Ashley since I was a child, and am seriously considering their Summer Palace Eau de Nil wallpaper.

Wallpaper Floral Print Mint Ivory Seafoam Sage

 What is amazing about Laura Ashley's wallpapers is that for one design, there are several colors available, which gives the buyers many choices.

Also on my consideration list is Cath Kidston's Birds and Roses wallpaper.

Ivory floral wallpaper for work space

I have been a fan of Cath Kidston for many years, and I truly adore their floral designs with birds in them. I love popping by their store and seeing it adorned with different colorful wallpapers. It is such a happy place, makes one feel young again!

For something more faded yet still flowery, Cabbage and Roses' wallpaper certainly caught my eyes.

paris left bank hotel style wallpaper

I especially fancy their Paris Rose Blue wallpaper, for it truly reminds me of those quaint hotels in Paris.

For something enchanting yet boldly dark, I am very attracted to Ellie Cashman's wallpapers.

dark floral wallpaper

They are all so gorgeous and make a statement in any space! There are increasingly more designs but mostly revolves around the darker themes, with big flowers. Audaciously beautiful! 


xo, Sereine

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