Recently we were tasked by Elaine from Singapore to create a large collection of Autumn Theme wedding hair combs for herself and her bridesmaids! It was such an interesting project, and we had great fun working with Elaine, who works in the creative industry and enthusiastically claims to have an eye for colors, which we also think so! 

Elaine wanted to get married around mid-autumn festival and she adores purple and bright pink. Being Asian, she explains that white and black are colors often frowned upon as they are not auspicious for weddings. To please her mother, Elaine wanted to add some red to her wedding theme - which we find so thoughtful and sweet of her to do! 

We were shown some pictures from Pinterest where Elaine gathers inspiration for her wedding, and this floral bouquet pretty much represents what she was looking for. 

Singapore bridal bouquet, autumn wedding, red, pink, purple theme

Pinterest credit here.

Elaine also wanted "something blue" in the bridal and bridesmaids' combs, so we added a splash of cornflower blue to match the blue sea holly which Elaine really wanted to include in her bouquet. 

Not a fan of gold, Elaine asked for silver leaves and some rhinestones to add bling. We are proud to say, we incorporated all of Elaine's requests for her wedding hair accessories! 

Singapore, mid-autumn wedding colors, bespoke design by Jewelsalem

Hope to see you around, Elaine! And here is wishing you all the very best! :)


xo, Jewelsalem

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