beauty tips for brides

Last week, we listed some helpful makeup techniques for brides to consider when thinking of their bridal looks. Today we present part 2 of our Bridal Beauty Tips. We spoke to several newly wedded brides for their experience with their bridal makeup and here are some really great tips to remember.


4. Matching the tone of lipstick to blusher is straightforward but not many of us would immediately think of this. If you purchase both items from the same brand and/or beauty counter, you can usually find matching tones and colors, which saves time, if not money. And even if you prefer different brands for blusher and lipstick, you can still consult the beauty experts by bringing along what you already have and then seeking a matching tone. This helps to create a harmonious look, ensuring that not one element or color would appear too loud and disrupt the bridal look. Of course if you have many blushers and lipsticks and are not sure which to use, do a few trial runs to find what suits you best, and remember to ask your friend and family for advice if you are thinking of doing the makeup yourself. 


5. Previously we spoke of using highlighter to highlight certain areas of your face. This is an add on to that - do not use highlighter with too much glitter. In fact, there should be minimal glitter for your bridal make up. Too much glitter would make you look greasy on photos, and that is a big no-no! Also most bridal makeup looks tend towards soft, romantic feel, and glitter is screaming party, which again, will not really go with the bridal theme. Should you really love glitter, then perhaps consider using just one element, and applying that on one feature, be it your eyes, or go for glittery nails for a bling effect. 


6. For those who think mascara is messy, we have brides who swear by falsies, and we have those who opt for lash extension. Falsies might be more affordable but also less natural. Lash extension could be rather uncomfortable but it lasts longer, and gives a more au naturel look. If you wish to use falsies, the Japanese do it best. From Shu Uemura to Japanese drugstore brands, there are many options to suit different budgets! Still, we think last extension might be better. Sure it costs more, but you only get married once. It will be less stressful for you on your wedding day to have the lashes already done, than to grapple with falling lashes and eye irritation. 


7. A universal beauty tip for all brides to be, is to get enough sleep and rest. Stress is an enemy to wedding day photos and all brides ought to constantly remember to relax. Exercise, eat right and eat clean. Drink loads of water. You can do this only the night before your wedding. It has to be a long term process leading up to the wedding itself, and while this is common sense, we must agree that once stress sets in it is hard to remember to stay fit and rest well. 

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