bridal emergency item survival kit on wedding day

We interviewed bridesmaids, maid of honor and wedding planners, asking them for advice on items that are absolutely important to have around for the bride on her big day. So if your big day is approaching soon, have this list ready and assign one of your trusty bridesmaids with these items! 


1. Hair pins - lots of them! 

"I was the maid of honor for my sister's wedding last spring. Even though her hair was set and beautifully styled in the morning by her hair stylist, by afternoon, when we were all out photo-taking, the weather had messed up her hair-do. I carried a tote bag with me, inside were all the emergency items. Thankfully I had included some hair pins. Together with a few other bridesmaids, we managed to make sure the bride looked her best through the afternoon photography session! I would also suggest having other hair accessories and items around, such as comb, perhaps even hair spray!" - Marianne W, London.


2.  First-aid kit.

"We were three bridesmaids, helping out our best friend of ten years, Jeannie, on her big day. Jeannie had planned a rustic country wedding in south of France, at lovely venue on a gorgeous summery Sunday. She had on an ivory gown, and looked stunning and fresh. However, mid-way through the day, she complained of a headache. We had to ask around for aspirin, which luckily one of the guests had with her. Crisis-averted, and the bride rested for a while and was again refreshed once the painkiller kicked in. Looking back, it would be wise to carry around painkillers, some bottled water and even band-aid, because you never know what will happen." - Alyssa M, New York.


3. Have a go-to person with your wedding day emergency items. 

"I have been a bridesmaid to eight brides and I have learnt that having a survival kit is important. It is wise to be well-prepared. Often, I would volunteer to help put together this emergency kit for the bride. I usually include perfume, sunblock and make up from the bride, mirror and nail polish (sometimes even nail glue if the bride has acrylic nails for the wedding), safety pins, tape and a tiny scissors, tissue, wet wipes and sanitary pad / tampons. Once it rained on one of the weddings and after that, I thought it might be useful to also include a small umbrella." - Jane W, California.


4. Buy a kit if you can't put one together! 

bridal emergency kit for brides

"As a wedding planner, I often advise my client to have a bag ready for some emergency items on the wedding day. Most brides do not know where to begin or how to assemble such a kit. Now, I often direct brides and bridesmaids to Pinch Provisions (, they have a genius offering of kits for the wedding party, with glam up pouches. They also recently have a UK site ( too. I have had brides who buy these pouches to give as gifts to the bridesmaids. Very handy!" - Elizabeth A, Chicago. 


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