Just Engaged?

After the dreamy, romantic proposal, most brides might start panicking about what to do next. There seems to be so much to plan for in order to create the most beautiful and joyous wedding day. Fret not, and stress not! You can start with a few "bigger "questions to guide you towards what you really want, and even come up with a more practical check list after that. 


The most important question has to be: WHEN do you want to get married. 

Starting with the season or the month, and then a date. Most brides usually give themselves a year or so to plan for the wedding. This might give you ample time for planning, securing venues and  vendors, coming up with the perfect theme and of course, finding the dream gown; instead of  frantically trying to put together an event which might further stress you out. Because a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, no matter how stressful and scary the notion seems, you should still try to enjoy the process. This is not to say that you cannot get married sooner or later. A long engagement will definitely be easier to manage in terms of planning, but a shorter one is not impossible, especially if you have time or help, such as a wedding planner, or BFFs and sisters who are equally excited and eager to assist you in the wedding planning process. The key point is to work with a timeline that you are comfortable with. 


The second most important question is: BUDGET.

Knowing your budget would help you decide on how big or small your wedding would be, the eligible vendors and the suitable wedding venue. A lovely, perfect wedding need not always be grand and expensive. There are increasingly more couples who believe in having a cosy, intimate wedding, and then spending more on their honeymoon travelling or investing in a bigger house. 
During our customisation works with clients, we often ask about their budgets, and try to work with them on meeting the budget or even coming under, so there is some extra bucks which could go to other aspects of the wedding. 
For instance, we have bridal and bridesmaid earrings starting from 9.99 USD to 50 USD. This provides more choices for brides and their bridesmaids to think about which items to get. It is the same for the hair accessories, which we offer in various sizes and designs; as well as necklaces and bracelets - which you could choose to customise or purchase ready-made designs.  
When it comes to financing a wedding, the bottom line is to set aside a budget and spend within the limit. 


Thirdly, what is the THEME of your wedding?

Here at Jewelsalem we have helped many brides create their wedding accessories. Almost all the brides we have spoken with have a theme they love, and would want to incorporate in their weddings. It is a fun idea to think about, and then once the theme is decided on, it will help you plan for the look of the wedding, the gowns, the bouquets, the bridesmaids dresses and jewelry, the decor and even the wedding photos.
A theme could be color related, or item related, also it can be about a place or a country / city. We have worked a lot with colors. And it is not just one color that you stick to. Many brides have a combination which they use for their own dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, their flower bouquets and even the venue decorations. 
If your wedding is in spring or summer, outdoor locations are most of the time, preferred wedding venues. Garden wedding and beach wedding are popular themes. We have had clients from Europe who organised their weddings in chateau and castles too. Sometimes we also have clients who wanted a "carnival" like wedding, where it is more relaxed and fun-filled. 


Wedding themes are personal and close to one's heart. So browse the wedding magazines or look to wedding blogs if you like to have some ideas to ponder on, but ultimately you should look to you heart and find a theme which you love. 



Once the bigger questions are answered, you are well on your way to plan your wedding further, and then you can think of the various details which you can add to your wedding. Of course consult your fiance, your family and/or your friends, if they offer you the support.. and you can find that planning a wedding can be as memorable as your actual big day! 
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