Lockets always have a way to make any outfit look classier, and yet giving a warm, sentimental feeling. We have always created and sold lockets in the shop, but this year we decided to go back to the work room and conceptualise new designs which would be lovely as gifts to someone you love. 

vintage locket with handwritten note

Nothing is says love more than a love note, which comes with this ornate big round locket in patina. 

antique locket gift, bridesmaids locket, love note

Handwritten, in any language, with a personalised message (or perhaps french poem for a feel of "je ne sais quoi"), we scouted Europe during a recent flea market trip and found vintage paper and books, which would be hand torn and then scribbled on. 

locket necklace graduation gift bridesmaid gift

Who can you gift this locket to? We think this makes for a great graduation gift, bridesmaids gift, or for mama (or papa), with a special message that says love. 

big round locket necklace

However, if this locket is too big to be worn or carried around, we also have smaller ones with quaint designs, also customisable! 

oval locket, quaint vintage floral carvings

These antique style oval lockets come with amazing floral carvings and are available in a wide range of colors. 

ivory locket with pink glass stone, layered necklace

We added chic glass stones to the lockets, for an elegant look. For all our lockets, you can view them here.

teal antique locket necklace

We use longer chains to create a hanging locket necklace, that can be layered with other necklaces for a boho vibe. This teal locket with aquamarine glass is a new favourite amongst many clients.

photo locket with note

All lockets can be opened, for a note to be inserted. Some clients have also requested for photos to be added. 

porcelain locket necklace

For those who adore flowers, and we know many of our customers do, we also created a simple yet chic flower glass locket, available in three colors - blue, yellow and scarlet. 

bridesmaid locket with rhinestone, personalised initial necklace

And if you are shopping around for a bridesmaid gift, this rhinestone locket will be a perfect locket gift. With a unique pearl-rhinestone center, this locket can be personalized with an initial of your choice. 

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