Here at Jewelsalem we seldom have the chance to work with real flowers. But that doesn't mean we do not adore blooms. Besides cheering up the room, perfuming the space with fresh fragrances, there are brides who prefer wearing real flowers in their hair for their weddings. 

brides wearing fresh flowers in their hair for wedding

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How are fresh flowers better? 

They smell delicious, and look delicate, giving brides a softer look in photos. Not forgetting how environmentally friendly they are! 

fresh floral hair accessories

We love this combination of purple and pastel for a romantic bridal look! We chanced upon this picture from The Natural Wedding Company, featuring eco friendly fresh floral hair accessories from The Garden Gate Flower Company! Check out their gorgeous website


fresh flower crown

Credit: Pinterest

If you prefer floral wreath, it is also possible to use fresh flowers to create lush, gorgeous statement piece! For something bold, the effect would be stunning. But keep in mind the weight of the fresh flower crown on your head, as you will be wearing the flowers for quite some time. The Flower Girl Los Angeles does a fabulous job with fresh flower headpiece. Too bad they are all the way in LA! 


DIY fresh floral hair comb

If you are keen to make your own fresh flower comb, we also found this great DIY blog post here


fresh white flower hair comb for bride

The effect of using real flowers can be so lovely, as seen on Love'n Fresh Flowers - a flower farm offering various floral services. For brides who are keen to make their own fresh flower accessories, bear in mind it is not necessary to seek out florists, but check out your local flower farms too - buying wholesale might be cheaper, and you can also make additional accessories for your bridal party as well! 


Regardless of the design of the headpiece, it is important to choose the right flowers for such a DIY project. Or engage the service of your wedding flower vendors or local florists. Choose flowers that can last throughout your wedding day (or perhaps even 1 - 2 days before your wedding, to give ample time for the making of the comb or wreath). Opt for flowers with fragrance you like, make sure you are not allergic to pollen.

The downside to using fresh flower is that they are fragile. They tend to wilt, and they cannot be kept or stored, unless properly dried after the wedding.

fresh flower bridal hair accessories by jewelsalem


Which is why some brides prefer silk flower hair accessories. These statement hair clips are the first few silk flower hair accessories we have made. Silk flowers resemble fresh ones and can be kept as a memento. Indeed there are some brides who might feel that silk flowers are after all, not real like fresh ones, and would not want to have silk flower for their hair accessories. But for those who are interested, there is a large selection to choose from, from many vendors online and in brick and mortar shops.

bespoke fresh flower hair comb hair pins for brides

As you already know, our bespoke bridal hair accessories service is popular with brides to be, and naturally we accept customisation request for silk flowers too! 

romantic silk flower hair accessories for wedding

Apart from hair clips, we also make silk flower hairbands for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. They are available in our shop!

silk flower headbands wedding accessories

We have had a few clients who bought the silk flower hair accessories and scented them with rose water (or other floral scents) to mimic the lovely fragrance of real flowers. We love this idea, perhaps some of you might like it too! 

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