Made to order floral hair combs, purple color wedding

We have received so many custom orders from brides who usually wanted us to match their wedding colors. Most of the times, the brides will use floral bouquets and wedding invites as reference. Our job at Jewelsalem is to create hair combs and bridal accessories matching the color and theme of each wedding.


Today, we are inspired by this lovely purple and pink bouquet here:

purple wedding bridal bouquet

Credit: Pinterest


We created the following wedding combs to match this gorgeous lavender orchid and blush pink bouquet. 

purple rose and pink flower hair comb


This is a large wedding comb, with flowers of different sizes and in various hues of purple and pink. Available for sale here


romantic lilac lavender and pastel pink bridal comb

This is a custom made comb, with pale lilac, violet purple and blush. A romantic, elegant pastel wedding comb with gold leaves. Available upon request. Contact us if you are also keen to order this comb! 


purple mint wedding hair comb


This very special purple and mint bridal comb, also 9cm. Available here. A favourite with many clients. For the brides who enjoy having some green in their comb to match the foliage in their bouquet. 

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