Cubic zirconia is slowly becoming a favourite amongst brides. Not all of us can afford diamonds, even though the song did say that "diamonds are a girl's best friend! Yes we love sparkly things. And not all which sparkle are expensive. CZ (Cubic zirconia) looks like diamond but is a cheaper alternative. It is easy to work with, and can come in different designs, thus making it a perfect choice for bridal jewelry.

cubic zirconia wedding earrings

CZ is a synthetic mineral. It is not a natural stone or a gemstone but some brides might feel uncomfortable wearing jewelry that are made of real diamonds on the wedding day for fear of losing them. Others might think that bridal jewellery are too elaborate for everyday wear, hence there is no need to pay too much for them. Hence earrings and necklaces made of cubic zirconia make for great substitute for diamonds.

alternative bridal jewelry that are not diamonds

Also, almost all brides already own the important diamond - in their wedding and engagement rings. So it is not too difficult to consider using cubic zirconia for other jewelry like earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

gold crystal wedding earrings bridal jewelry

Furthermore, brides who would love to give their bridesmaids jewelry as gift can consider CZ. It is cheaper, and all the bridesmaids are able to wear the same jewelry for the wedding, creating a coordinated look, which make the wedding photography look better. 

cubic zirconia diamond wedding earrings

As we know weddings can be expensive, and there are some areas where we can budget a little and save some money. Jewelry is an aspect where there are many alternatives for the modern day bride seeking other ideas aside from diamonds. And CZ is a strong candidate for such purpose.  

elegant bridal jewelry made of CZ stones

Here at Jewelsalem, we have created many CZ bridal jewelry designs for brides and bridesmaids. Not only do we offer diamond-looking CZ but we also accept custom orders, where we pair the cubic zirconia with different colored glass stones, to suit various wedding themes. 

bridesmaids cubic zirconia earrings

Browse our shop for all earrings or contact us today for a customised pair! 

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