Jewelsalem has been offering our druzy jewelry for a few years now, and this is consistently a popular gemstone amongst our clients. 

Druzy Jewelry to drool over!


Druzy or Druse (also known as Druze, Drusie or Druzie) is a layer of glittering crystals over a stone. Because of the sparkle it gives, we use it in jewelry to create beautiful designs, looking elegant and expensive. 

This stone looks like it has sugar coating all over it. In fact, the druzy layer takes a long time to form, and its mineral form can be garnets, dolomite, malachite and calcite amongst others, making this a precious stone to own.

Druzy quartz by the same definition means a layer of tiny quartz crystals that form over the host stone. It has the ability to balance and increase energy, calm a stressed out mind, giving positivity to the wearer - reducing depression and negativity. Thus druzy makes for a great jewellery to wear, or to give as gifts for aesthetics or health benefits.

Sometimes these druzy can be coated and treated to give them different colors. For instance if the druzy has titanium on it, a rainbow ombre effect can be created.



At Jewelsalem, our bestsellers include the aqua druzy necklace and the mint druzy pendant with a long necklace chain. Our raw druzy is also popular as gifts, and for the boho chic crowd, they often opt for the druzy rings.



To care for your drusy jewelry, avoid harsh chemicals. Try not to shower or bathe while wearing the stone, or go swimming with it. Also avoid knocking or dropping the stone. 

Wipe the stone clean with a soft fabric and store it safely in a jewelry bag or lined jewellery case.

Wearing the druzy jewelry on its own is enough to make a grand impression. But if you like to layer your necklaces, having a druzy piece amongst the ensemble also gives it a unique look. Either way, druzy jewelry is a versatile and popular design that will not just only be a trend!


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