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So you are getting married, and are busy planning as well as putting together the perfect bridal look of your dreams. There are so many choices in the market for dresses and accessories, jewelry and decoration items - what factors should you bear in mind while making your decisions? 

We spoke to a group of brides with different budgets and objectives when planning their weddings, and here is what we found out from our discussion with them. 


There is a wide range of prices when it comes to bridal accessories and jewellery. How do I begin to select what I want?

For many brides, working with a budget in mind often helps with planning and organisation. Saving more on accessories, jewelry and bridesmaids' gifts might mean having more to spend during the honeymoon or being able to renovate the house after the wedding. It depends on the priority and for every bride, the priorities differ. Not all of us can afford an entire set of Cartier and Tiffany jewelry for ourselves or for our bridesmaids, but there are indeed a huge selection of jewellery to choose from that will not burn a hole in our pockets.

What we find important is to check where the products come from. If you google online, you would see many items looking the same, and are mass produced in China. If you read the reviews, you could see that these items are often of inferior quality. If you need your bridal jewellery or hair accessories to last for just 1 time of wearing, and do not mind that, then for a very low price, you can get a bargain. However bear in mind some products are so badly made that they are damaged even before or worst, on the day of the wedding. This is a nightmare all brides want to avoid.

Most brides want something special, that are not mass produced and owned by hundreds or thousands of others. On that note, it is advised not to shop at high street stores - the big brands import on a large scale basis, and you can be certain that none of the design is one of a kind.

We all long for statement pieces that would add perfect finishing touches to our weddings. For that, we find that many brides are turning to bespoke handcrafted bridal jewelry and accessories nowadays to get exactly what they want... and still, afford to pay for everything without any problem.


Why choose customised service when it comes to your bridal accessories and jewellery?

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. As a bride, we all want to look our best. Choosing bespoke service would mean the ability to customise items that would match flawlessly with your wedding theme. If you have had an idea of the perfect wedding dress since you were a little girl, then what better ways to realise that dream than to customise a wedding dress? Similarly opting for bespoke hair accessories and jewelry would ensure you and your bridesmaids keep to a uniform look that fits the wedding theme. Photos would come out looking stunning as everyone is color and theme-coordinated.

And this is also something we offer at Jewelsalem. Since our establishment in 2011, we have received countless bespoke requests. We have years of experience working on custom orders. Often, brides would show us pictures of their bouquet, bridesmaids' dresses and their own gowns, and we would be able to create designs that fit the wedding theme perfectly. Clients have shown us photos of them and their bridesmaids wearing coordinate pieces that look gorgeous in the wedding photos. 

Do not leave the responsibility of creation to the designers. Make this an interactive and fun process. Be active if you choose to go for custom pieces. Give as much information to the designer, make sure you get to inspect the design and give your approval before finalising everything. At Jewelsalem we recognise the importance of having the bride participate in this exciting creation process. We will communicate frequently and clearly with the bride, showing her the designs, the revision of designs, asking for feedback - all in a bid to ensure we create stunning bridal accessories and jewelry that would make the bride happy to wear on her wedding day. 


Wouldn't bespoke items cost more?

Not really!

Indeed, there has been this perception that customised products often cost a bomb. But if you search hard enough, you can still find good bargains, especially since there are so many craft/jewelry online stores available now. You can compare the offerings of each shop and choose something that suits you best!

For instance here at Jewelsalem, we offer world wide shipping. Distance is no longer a problem, although it might mean having to purchase your items earlier to take into account the shipping time. Because of the savings one can get in our store, many brides often opt for express shipping via Fedex or DHL to ensure they receive their products in advance.

We offer a wide range of jewelry and accessories that suit brides with different budgets. Based on the intricacy of the design, our items start from as low as $9.90. If you prefer sterling silver and gold vermeil items, then the prices of these items would generally be higher. What we find intolerable are stores charging premium on products that do not have good quality. Again, it is important to do your research well if you wish to purchase your bridal jewelry and accessories online. You will see sellers charging a lot for mere gold or silver plated metals, while in other stores, the same price can get your sterling silver or vermeil gold. 

Shopping online and going for bespoke items would also mean better services. If your mass produced bridal comb from China broke, no one will repair that for you. You are probably expected to buy a new one. But there are online stores with owners who really care about their work. If there is anything wrong with your purchase, contact the seller promptly and often, they will go above and beyond to rectify the situation.  


As a last advice, do start early! Give yourself enough time to research what you want. For instance, many brides find Pinterest a useful base for collecting ideas. Start a pin board and pin your ideas. Then look for sources where you can purchase or even customise your bridal jewelry and accessories. Finally, try to enjoy this creative process! 

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