L'artelier - Our unique one-of-a-kind rhinestone bridal accessories

Recently we have launched a collection of premium bridal accessories for the vintage loving brides who adore the glitter of rhinestones. 

rhinestone bridal accessories by jewelsalem, offering premium products for brides

From bracelets to earrings, headpieces to brooch... there is a good selection for brides seeking different budgets. 

You might ask, which is better for me? Rhinestone accessories or handmade floral accessories as seen in our original bridal collection. The answer depends on a few factors. 


1. Cost

Owing to the intricate work for rhinestone accessories, the price is also reflected. For brides with a budget to work with, often a customised item from our shop might cost less than these rhinestone items. 


2. Look

Your wedding theme is something you need to consider when planning your bridal accessories. A bride with a garden wedding or an outdoor summer wedding, might go for the more colorful floral wedding headpieces and jewelry. Getting color-coordinate pieces will also be a fun detail to have for your bridesmaids! 

For a regal wedding theme, or a Victorian theme wedding, something vintage and a little elegant, the rhinestone pieces will go just well; but at Jewelsalem, we can custom similar elegant pieces with lesser rhinestones, if you wish to include both the floral elements and the shiny crystals into 1 design. 


3. Uniqueness

One thing for sure, our bespoke hair accessories would offer the one-of-a-kind pieces that you can call your very own. This would make for a really great gift for anyone ranging from mother of bride and groom, to your maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls! We also accept request for customising gifts for guests at the wedding, and we have had clients who have purchased little matching items for their female guests - which is a great remembrance for the wedding which the guests have just attended!

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