A celebration of love

Our mission: Celebrate love at each milestone of a woman's life!

Beyond being the pioneer in bespoke floral wedding hair accessories and bridal jewelry, we are advocates of love. A wedding is a rite of passage for love. This love which will last a lifetime. It is here that we also begin our journey with you. It is love for your girlfriends that you wish to include them as your bridesmaids. And it is here that we be a part in celebrating your friendships.

We will be adrift in this sea of life without our sisters as anchor. She could be family, growing up with you, connected by birth; or a soul sister whom you met through serendipity, now connected by the heart. How ever you come to be, it is fueled by respect, admiration and love. As sisters ourselves, we understand how important it is to honor this special bond. And we urge you not to forget. 

No love is greater than the love a mother has for her child, and no love is dearer than the reciprocal of love for one's mother. Whether you are becoming a mother or thinking of your own, we are here to glorify this noble love. 

Love and life are intertwined, by celebrating love you celebrate life. And to do that, you start by loving yourself. Choose positivity, be kind, let go of the ugly, see beauty in the big and the trivial. Give thanks, stay true, open your heart to new experiences and eat well. Make each day count, make each day a celebration of love! xo

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Love is the greatest adventure, and we are so honored to be a part of each of these journeys. Having served thousands of customers and helping so many brides design customised hair accessories and jewelry, we are delighted to receive these beautiful client photos and read about how we helped make a perfect day so special. Here's to love and beauty, friendships forged and fond memories which we will always cherish! x

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